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  X Acid Electricity Fire Cold Poison Light Dark Confusion Nether Nexus Sound Shards Chaos Disenchantm Time Blindness Fear
Res Ac El Fi Co Po Li Dk Cf Nt Nx So Sh Ch Di Ti Bl Fe
Imm Ac El Fi Co
  X stat_At stat_Sp stat_St stat_In stat_Wi stat_Dx stat_Cn stat_Ch stat_Md stat_Sl stat_Sr stat_If stat_Dg stat_Lf
1+ At Sp St In Wi Dx Cn Ch Md Sl Sr If Dg Lf
5+ At Sp St In Wi Dx Cn Ch Md Sl Sr If Dg Lf
  X  Es   Dm   Th   Rf   Fa   Si   Hl   Sd   Rg   Rm   Lv   Nv   Lu   Wr   Xm   Xs   Te   Ag   Bs   Ty   Ds   Wm   Id   If   Dg   Lf 
On Es Dm Th Rf Fa Si Hl Sd Rg Rm Lv Nv Lu Wr Xm Xs Te Ag Bs Ty Ds Wm Id If Dg Lf
  X aura_F aura_E aura_C aura_Sh aura_At aura_M aura_T aura_Sm aura_Mr sust_St sust_In sust_Wi sust_Dx sust_Cn sust_Ch
On F E C Sh At M T Sm Mr St In Wi Dx Cn Ch
  X esp_Tele esp_Evil esp_Good esp_Nolv esp_Uniq esp_Lvng esp_p esp_D esp_o esp_T esp_P esp_U esp_L esp_Z
On Tele Evil Good Nolv Uniq Lvng p D o T P U L Z
  X brand_A brand_E brand_F brand_Co brand_P brand_Dk brand_Ca brand_V brand_Q brand_St brand_S brand_SS brand_M
On A E F Co P Dk Ca V Q St S SS M
  X slay_evil slay_p slay_D slay_o slay_T slay_P slay_U slay_L slay_Z slay_A slay_Lv kill_evil kill_p kill_D kill_o kill_T kill_P kill_U kill_L kill_Z kill_A kill_Lv
On evil p D o T P U L Z A Lv evil p D o T P U L Z A Lv

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